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Professorin und Professoren der BWL - engeres Departementskollegium
Professors of Business Administration – inner departmental staff; © Department of Business Administration

Within the structure of the University of Bern, the Department of Business Administration is subordinate to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. This faculty also includes the Department of Economics and the Department of Social Sciences (SociologyPolitical Science and Media Studies).

Department spokesperson

The department spokesperson heads up the departmental council and represents the department externally. Professor Markus  Arnold has been the spokesperson of the Department of Business Administration since August 1, 2022. 

Departmental Staff Office

The Departmental Staff Office assists the spokesperson with carrying out departmental tasks, coordinates matters relating to central examinations and operates the Academic Student Advice. Furthermore, the Communications Office falls under the umbrella of the Departmental Staff Office.


The individual institutes represent the specialist areas of Business Administration in research and teaching. More information on this is provided on each institute’s website.

Academic Student Advice

The Academic Student Advice assists students with correctly interpreting the regulations and study guides. In addition, it provides students with information about administrative issues relating to Business Administration programs.


The Communications Office maintains and expands relationships between the department, students, and businesses.